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Foremost Animal Rescue in New Kensington

Zen Cat Sanctuary is a nonprofit animal shelter in New Kensington, PA. We are a no-kill shelter that focuses exclusively on cats.  

Our Mission is to provide quality home-based care, comfort, and compassion to cats in need through sanctuary, adoptions, fostering, and by building a humane community committed to advocating on behalf of these precious lives. 

Our work is done with a lot of love and care, with the primary objective of making the world a more welcoming and affectionate place for cats. If you want to help, call us at (724) 889 - 5390 or schedule a time to visit us.  

As a sanctuary, many of our cats are with us for life. We are donor funded and rely on the generosity and support of caring individuals and businesses within and beyond the communities we serve. Give Monthly! 

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